A Lot of Things

Many things have happened since my last post about our trip to Cleveland. All good things, except for a small hiccup where we had to say goodbye to our Ford Focus we bought after Russell was born. Larrin got into a fender bender on the highway and it was not fixable. Other than that we celebrated Hannah’s 2nd birthday, Russell graduated pre-school, we MOVED INTO OUR NEW HOME, I’ve had a handful of births I photographed and got published, and had other small adventures in Pittsburgh.

So here is a crash course in our photos and lives here in Pittsburgh for the last month! We are very excited to have a jam packed June and July and a much needed birth photography break for myself. Enjoy!

Hannah’s Birthday

Hannah had a nice low-key birthday with our family. She got a bike from Grandma Jackie and Papa Hoss, a trampoline from Grandma Diane and Papa Tom, Russell bought with his own money a toy phone for her, Aunt Calista and Uncle Collin bought her Moana, and we got her a pop-up RV tent. We bought our delicious ice-cream cake from none other but Sugar and Spice!


Phipps Trips

I love taking the kids to Phipps Conservatory. It is beautiful, always changing and more low key than some of the more popular museums.


Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium 

We love going to the zoo come Spring time. We have gone a handful of times now since the last couple of weeks. The kids really enjoy going here.

Also, check out our Zoo VIDEO. I’ve been practicing video with my Fuji XT20 for all the good traveling and vacationing we will be doing this summer. The kids LOVE when I make little family videos.


Other Fun Family Photos

Here are other random assortment of photos we’ve taken last month and this month. I know it all looks like rainbows and buttercups but I promise you we are just like everyone else where we have rough days and our children are monsters and we get mad and yell and are lazy and stay in our PJ’s all day and things do not go our way. I do enjoy sharing are good moments with our friends and family though. We are very happy in our lives right now.

DSCF2227DSCF2229DSCF2237DSCF2243DSCF2247DSCF2263DSCF2265DSCF2049DSCF2063DSCF2197DSCF2224DSCF2592DSCF2601-2DSCF2627DSCF2647DSCF2657DSCF2661DSCF2677(108) April 19th(109) April 20th(111) April 21st(112) April 24th(116) April 27th(118) April 29th(122) May 4th(133) May 17th(139) May 22nd(140) May 22ndDSCF1925DSCF1928DSCF1941DSCF1963


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